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Compatible with: Windows 7, Windows 8
Windows Vista, XP Pro, Home, Windows 2003 Server, 2000
32 and 64 bit versions.




PCmover: computer migration made easy!

First and only complete settings transfer software

PCmover developed by Laplink, can migrate from one computer to another not only personal files and settings but also installed programs. If your system has multiple user accounts configured, PCmover can migrate your individual account or all of them. To support the operation you can use USB, parallel, CD / DVD and external drives.

When you need syncronization beetween two or more computers, PCmover is the easiest solution for a fast and customized transfer of any program, game, document you want to have always with you, in any Microsoft Windows based computer!

The easiest method to migrate from XP, Vista to Seven or new Windows 8 in few minutes!

Simply install PCmover on both computers (old and new) and let go! PCmover will determine 'such as applications, files and settings to be transferred, and when the transfer and' complete, your new computer will have 'the personality' and functionality 'of your old PC, more' all its programs pre-installed. It works with almost all Windows operating systems.

Program features

Transfer any Applications
PCmover let you to move every applications, like programs, games, and above all settings, to any of your computer easily, no time waste! forget hours of useless reinstallation for all applications!

File & Folder Selectivity
You are free to decide which folders and files transfer and where, every thing will be under your control! Simple and intuitive!

Undo function
Every trasfer could to be fastly reverse at any time with the proper Undo program function.

Upgrade Wizard Assistant
Performs any upgrades (or downgrade) you need, to other Microsoft Windows versions, like Windows 7 and new Windows 8, from old Windows Xp.

Friendly Interface
You can manually control all or use the wizard to get started, so in few seconds PCmover will start transferring your choices settings without any time waste.

User Profile Selectivity
You can create many profiles with settings and softwares that you want move to other PC, notebook, netbook etc.. Incredibly useful even for PC technicians and laboratories.


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